Here at Flight we cater for many different gymnastics disciplines which allows people of all ages to get involved in our amazing sport. For more information on each discipline click on the links below.

Our Preschool Programme is split into three sections: Playgym and Preschool.

Playgym sessions are open to toddlers who can walk up to 5 year olds. They allow parents to take their kids around the different pieces of equipment and setups in the gym. Sessions are £4 PAYG so there is no need to register.

Preschool sessions teach fundamental movement skills like balance and co-ordination in a playful fun environment. Classes are coach-led and children take part independent of their parents. Preschool gymnasts get the chance to explore the gym using a variety of themes.  Children must be in Preschool or Nursery School to take part in these classes.

Our General Gymnastics classes are a great place for kids to get started with us. They are aimed at ages 4 + in full-time education. Classes are 1 hour and are designed to give a fun and challenging introduction to gymnastics working on floor, vault, beam and bars while developing a wide range of movement and social skills. Gymnasts will work on the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme, will compete in our in-house club competitions and perform in our end of year display.

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a unique combination of strength, power, flexibility, artistry, expression and precise gymnastics moves. Acro is based on floor and has five disciplines – Women’s Pairs, Men’s Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Women’s Groups (3s) and Men’s Groups (4s).

Acro provides the chance for children of different shapes, sizes and talents to perform at a range of different levels. Gymnasts work in partnerships with bigger bases and smaller tops.

New to Acro (age 8+)

Our Beginners Acro class is a great place to learn the basics of Acrobatic Gymnastics. Gymnasts train 2 hours per week and will get to grips with working in partnerships learning basic moves and routines and will have the opportunity to compete in in-house and Regional competitions.

Acrobatic Pathway Squad (5 – 12 years)

We are always talent spotting for our Acro Squads. Gymnasts identified as having potential to excel should move to our Pathway Squad. Here they will perfect the fundamental skills needed for Acro including handstands, levers, splits, bridges, flicks and somersaults as well as learning the basics of working in partnerships.

Junior Performance Squad

Our Junior Performance Squad gives gymnasts with a keen interest the opportunity to train more regularly with 3 sessions per week (7 hours). The Junior Acro Squad competes in club and Regional competitions as well as invitational competitions in the UK.

Performance Squad

For gymnasts who want to compete at higher levels our Performance Squad trains 9 hours per week and works on more advanced acrobatic skills competing in a range of competitions at club, Regional and National levels.

Elite Performance Squad

Our Elite Performance gymnasts train up to 14 hours per week and are work on a pathway to competing at the highest levels. Their training involves strength and conditioning, flexibility, dance and choreography in addition to partner and individual skills.

Trampoline Gymnastics takes you about as close to flying as you can go, without the need for an engine. It is a spectacular sport, that can see a world-class trampolinist reach heights of 10 metres whilst performing multiple somersaults and twists. 

A typical trampoline routine is characterised by high, continuous rhythmic feet to feet, to back, front or seat rotational jumping elements, without hesitation or free bounces between elements. Most Regional competitions are made up of two routines whilst most National/International competitions have an additional third Final routine. 

Flight Gymnastics Academy caters for beginner level right up to Senior International level. Having gymnasts who have been Northern Ireland and British Champions as well as competing at World level. 

Recreational classes cater for 5 years old and above and are open to all ability levels. Our Junior and Senior competition squads cater for any age and level of competitor and are accessed by a trial with one of our competitive coaches. 

Double Mini Trampoline (DMT)

Double Mini Trampoline can be likened to a combination of Athletics, Trampolining and Gymnastics Vault and is performed on a piece of apparatus that is like two mini tramps joined together. 

Competitors sprint down a carpeted track and hurdle onto the DMT before performing two elements up to double and triple somersaults with the same precision required on a trampoline. Gymnasts perform the second skill as a dismount onto a landing mat.

Flight Gymnastics Academy competes DMT at the highest level having a European Champion and a Senior British Champion and World Championships team member as well as a British DMT Squad coach. 

Tumbling is a breath-taking type of gymnastics. It involves combining a series of moves together as you speed down a sprung track often finishing with an explosive somersault. Our tumblers will learn how to link together cartwheels, flips, somersaults and twists into passes which they can then compete Regionally and Nationally. It’s ideal to have a good level of gymnastics experience being proficient in cartwheels and roundoffs before trying out for tumbling squad. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Whether you want to learn how to handstand, somersault on a trampoline or cartwheel for the first time or you want to practice skills you did when you were younger our adult classes are the ideal environment for you to achieve your goals.

A semi-structured session, coaches will take you through a warm-up and stretching routine and then you will have the chance to practice on floor, vault, beam and bars. You’ll also develop strength and flexibility which is just great for everyday life but will also help with other sports and activities you take part in.

Our adult trampoline class will teach you the basics of trampolining learning how to jump, shaping before moving onto more exciting skills.

There are competitions that you can take part in if you want a little bit of an extra challenge but at the end of the day it’s all about having fun.

Teamgym is a great test of both gymnastics skills and being able to work as part of a team.

Gymnasts work on floor, tumbling skills and trampette/vault. On floor you will learn a group routine which is performed to music, on trampette/vault and tumbling gymnasts learn how to stream skills, performing them one after another.

Teamgym is quickly growing in popularity and is a really exciting and dynamic discipline that showcases a wide range of skills. Our Teamgym squad will compete in a number of Regional competitions as well as club events. If you are interested in trying out for our Teamgym squad, please get in touch.