flight gymnastics academy is based in newtownabby and was established in july 2011.

we offer a variety of classes from beginners and up!

acrobatic gymnastics

A unique blend of strength, power, flexibility and creativity, gymnasts work in pairs or groups on floor. Our Acro classes are available from Beginner level (age 8 minimum) through to Elite competitive levels.


Tumbling is a true test of performing precise, explosive moves under complete control. Combining flips, somersaults and twists gymnasts master routines on our full-size sprung tumble track. 


FreeG combines elements from parkour and free-running as well as gymnastics and stunts. Coaches teach you how to perform tricks and get over obstacles in the coolest ways in a safe environment.

general gymnastics

Structured classes for kids from P1 to Year 10. Gymnasts will experience working on all pieces of equipment and will work towards British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards. Advanced General Gymnastics also available.

trampoline & dmt

Trampoline is one of the most exhilarating sports there is. Experience the thrill of flying through the air learning a wide range of skills. Classes available from P1 through to adults.


Teamgym takes skills from a variety of disciplines and adds a team element to it. Gymnasts perform skills on vault, tumble track and on floor in a group routine. Teamgym is a great way to train and compete alongside your friends.

pre-school gymnastics

Classes available for toddlers to 5 year olds. We offer Playgym open sessions, Tots Time parent-assisted classes and Preschool classes where kids work independent of their parents.

adult gymnastics

Our classes aren’t just for kids! Adult gymnastics gives you the opportunity to try out a new and exciting, increase your fitness levels or relearn skills you haven’t done in years.

We do loads more